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At Cottage Plumbing, we like to be able to say that any job however big or small, will be treated with my fullest care. Being in the business for 40 years, my wealth of knowledge can be used to correct a multitude of problems.

And remember, there is NO call out charge, full stop.

Local Plumbing & Heating Services

Fixing Water Leaks / Burst Pipes

Have you just noticed a small leak inside your home? Water leaks can cause severe damage in your home and to your health. If you find a leak it is best to try and switch off the water supply and contact us immediately. Leaving a leak unfixed can destroy your home and your possessions. The cost of leaving can be much higher than the cost of getting it repaired.

Fixing Air Locks

Air trapped can often cause a hissing noise in the pipes surrounding. It can often cause taps in your home to produce a poor flow of water, or no flow at all. This fault, with the correct equipment, can be solved without a problem with minimal disruption.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves are quite literally valves with a ball in the middle and are used to control the flow of water in your home. If it were to break then you might have no easy way of stopping the flow of water to locations in your home. You may ensure that whatever happens, you always have a method of turning off the flow of water through your pipes.


Taps are one of the most commonly used items in the home, needless to say that they are susceptible to requiring repairs from time to time. At times the taps themselves may not be the root of the problem, but sometimes taps may need replacing. Like the decor in your home, you may want to replace taps with a more modern range with stylish designs for all to see. I specialise in fixing both indoor & outdoor taps, washer replacements and tap replacements.


No-one likes a clogged toilet. Due to the nature of it's design, toilets are susceptible to issues that can directly effect your well-being and health. Being the harbour for bacteria and infection, any issues with toilets should be dealt with as soon as possible. Like the taps above, it is also possible to get different ranges of toilets, should a new one take your liking.

Water Storage Tanks

We specialise in fixing any issues with water tanks that you may have, or replacements where necessary.

Washing Machines

Has your washing machine stopped cleaning your clothes as well as it used to? If so, it might need fixing. Trouble spinning or rinsing? There could be a wide number of problems wrong with it, I can personally help correct without the manufacturers added cost of fixing out of warranty.


Want to upgrade or fix your current Radiators in the home? If you have a leaking radiator, I'll happily rectify it.


These often get blocked, and can be troublesome and tiresome to unblock. Often people unskilled in the field may only fix the problem for a temporary period of time until it comes back, wasting more time. It may be better to bring in a professional, rather than wasting your own precious time.

Pipe Upgrades

Got old lead piping in your home? Need to replace old pipes that failed the test of time? Research studies suggest that lead can have a small effect on the mental development of children. Therefore we recommend you get these pipes replaced as soon as you can.

Pipe work Alterations

We often like moving things around, it's natural to want change in our homes. However the bathroom sink for example isn't plug and play, alterations would be required if you want to move it to a new location. This is just one example situation, and there are many more available.

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